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Accommodation and transport

Travel from/to the airport

There are 4 different ways of getting to your hotel from the airport:

  1. Take a taxi. More expensive (around 40€) but fast
  2. Take an airport taxi: cheaper but can take more time since it transports several people
  3. Finnair bus: quite fast, inexpensive, but runs according to time table
  4. City bus 615: cheap, quite fast, runs according to time table

Traveling to/from hotel

You can find the map of relevant regions here. The Journey Planner is very helpful for planning the use of public transportation. The planner is fairly clever, so that you don't even need street addresses for the most important places. For instance, you can enter 'Dipoli' as your destination for our conference. The same holds, of course, for the bus station. People staying at Tapiola Garden can simply enter 'Tapiola'.' Note: "laituri" means "platform".

Need to find an address on the map? Try the Helsinki Region Map Service.


Public transportation tickets

You can always buy single tickets from the driver (on local trains, from the conductor). A single ticket is a piece of paper that you should hold on to until you have completed your journey - ticket inspections do happen occasionally.

The zone system works like this: Either you buy a single-city internal ticket (prices) or a regional ticket (prices) that is valid in all three cities: Espoo (the venue), Helsinki (most hotels) and Vantaa (airport).

cardreader.jpgIf you are staying for several days and use public transportation daily, it is easiest and cheapest to buy a multi-day ticket. These are simply shown at close range to the card reader (picture on the right) inside the vehicle when entering, then the reader shows a green light and beeps. Multi-day tickets are valid on all buses (except the Finnair bus), trams, subways, local trains and ferries. Consider byuing your multi-day ticket already at the airport, from an R-kiosk (logo below) which you'll also find downtown in many places and at the Otaniemi campus mall. rkioski.gifSome example prices:

  • Single regional ticket, (valid for 60-80 min.) 4.00€
  • Seven day regional ticket 48.00€ 
Note: the bus will not stop automatically at every bus stop. You need to signal the driver (raise your hand sideways) to have an approaching bus pick you up. Similarly, there are "stop" buttons inside the buses.


Here are links to the different hotels, with a couple of hopefully informative comments:

Töölö Towers provides very affordable housing at weekly rates. Service provided for international scholars by University of Helsinki and Aalto University. Within walking distance from the central bus station, but also tram connection exists. NOTE: Limited availability -- first come, first served. Please contact our secretary, Ms. Eila Jylkäs directly (

Hotel Presidentti is ugly from outside but the location is great: essentially on top of the central bus terminal, by a pedestrian street. Bus ride to Aalto University Otaniemi campus and Dipoli takes 10-15 minutes. The rates do not include breakfast.

Hotel Scandic Simonkenttä also lies next to the central bus terminal and looks a lot nicer from outside. It is a Scandic hotel like the Grand Marina and Continental. All Scandics include breakfast and internet. The Simonkentta is mid-priced among the three Scandic hotels.

Hotel Scandic Grand Marina is a little further away from the bus station, but it features very nice touristic attractions, like the market place, the harbour, the orthodox church etc. Frequent tram connection, and I would still consider this a walking distance from the bus station, although the walking takes a little longer. It is the most expensive of the Scandic hotels.

Hotel Scandic Continental is also within walking distance of the bus station. It is the most affordable of the Scandic hotels, which is probably due to its location (by the busiest street in Helsinki) and its exterior (representing good, robust 1970's concrete architecture...)

Hotel Tapiola Garden has a very nice location about 1.5km west of Aalto University Otaniemi campus and Dipoli. It is located in Tapiola, the only semi-interesting development in Espoo... sorry to say. :)

Radisson Blu is located only 200m away from Otaniemi campus and Dipoli...

Hotel Scandic Continental is similar in distance to the bus station, cheapest of the Scandic hotels

The hotels indicated in the map form two groups: Töölö Towers, Hotel Presidentti, Hotel Simonkentta, Hotel Continental and Hotel Grand Marina are good for those who, in their spare (sic!) time wish to stroll the streets of downtown Helsinki, while Hotel Tapiola Garden and Radisson Blu are within walking distance from the Otaniemi campus and Dipoli.

The room rates for the hotels appear to change depending on when your booking starts. For example, starting your stay on a Saturday instead of Sunday can lower the nightly rate by 20-30 euros!