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Proposal for the 15th meeting of the ITPA TG on SOL/Divertor (Lipschultz/Tsitrone/Pitts)


Date:             16-19 May 2011

Place:            Helsinki, Finland

Host Institute: Aalto University and VTT

Meeting Organizer:  T. Kurki-Suonio and J. Likonen


Objectives. The main objectives of the proposed group meeting are outlined below

1. Molecular Dynamics Simulations : what can they bring to advance our understanding of plasma wall interactions in tokamaks ? Primarily aimed at reviewing state of the art work on going in this field, as well as discussing progress needed in areas like fuel retention in tungsten, formation of mixed materials or conditioning procedures.

2. Impact of tungsten PFC damage on plasma operation – Primarily aimed at reviewing current experimental work ongoing or planned in different tokamaks (JET, AUG, CMod) or plasma simulators, as well as progress in the associated modeling

3. SOL width – Review the significant ongoing effort in EU and US on the characterization of SOL width in the different regimes foreseen for ITER (limiter vs divertor operation, during and in between ELMs)

4. Control of detached plasmas : follow up on detachment modeling, as well as review of experimental work on impurity seeding and detachment control issues

5. Erosion / redeposition pattern on the first wall : status of the modeling effort and discussion on future long term tracer experiments.

6. Sessions on R&D areas of T retention and removal, high-Z materials, heat fluxes, dust and material migration