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Working session participants in front of the main building of Tervaniemi.

EFDA TF-PWI joint working session on integrated plasma-wall modelling

Tervaniemi, Finland, 4-6 February 2013


Material migration, fuel retention and formation of mixed materials in a tokamak device are closely linked. The description of the underlying processes within a self-consistent model has been main subject of recent code development and extension. These activities are part of the programme of EFDA Research Areas A01, A03, A11 as well as of the EFDA ITM Task Force. The working session programme aims at reviewing development status and validation activities of the existing codes with particular emphasis on scenarios encountered in devices with all-metal wall configuration. Future benchmarking experiments and code development e.g. regarding implementation of missing physics and extension of the computational domain will be discussed with particular emphasis on experiment coordination between modelling groups and tokamak teams.
Information about sessions and contribution proposals has been published on the programme page.


Tervaniemi, built in 1886, was originally the summer place for the owner of Tervakoski paper factory. Located by a lake, it nowadays provides an inspiring atmosphere and modern facilities for meetings. In the evenings you can tune up your appetite with Finnish specialties - sauna and ice-water swimming - and enjoy a dinner in the old-style dining room.
It should be noted that the traditional post sauna ice-water dip is considered a quasi-mandatory activity since the very first meeting. You have been warned :-)


Tervaniemi offers cottages for 1-6 people at a price starting from 131.50 €/person/night. The prices include breakfasts, lunches, also on Wednesday, and the dinner on Tuesday. In addition to the cottages there are also a few single and double rooms available (from 170.50 €/night).


There are daily flight connections between Helsinki and all major European destinations. Participants are advised to arrive on Sunday 3rd February. See our accommodation and transport page for information about recommended hotels in Helsinki. The local organisers will provide transport from Helsinki to Tervaniemi on Monday morning. Wednesday session ends in the early afternoon and transport to the airport is provided as well.

Staff Mobility

The meeting is eligible for EFDA Staff Mobility Support. In case of questions, please contact Dr. Rudolf Neu (firstname.lastname at

Local Organization

The meeting is organized by VTT and Aalto University, Association Euratom-Tekes.  Information on the Tervaniemi site can be found at In case of questions, please contact Dr. Markus Airila, tel. +358 20 7225094 or Dr. Antti Hakola, tel. +358 20 7224875 (firstname.lastname at