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The working session programme was prepared to review development status and validation activities for, and in support of, integrated plasma-wall modelling with particular emphasis on devices with all-metal first wall. We addressed these issues in four sessions with the following topics:
  1. Plasma Boundary Modelling (e.g. SOLPS, EDGE2D, OSM, SOLEDGE, EMC3); session organiser M. Groth (
  2. Integrated Plasma-Wall Simulations (e.g. ERO-3DGAPS, WALLDYN); session organiser K. Krieger (
  3. Modelling of Metal PFM Surface Processes (e.g. BCA codes, MD codes); session organiser M. Airila (
  4. Modelling of Fuel Retention/Release in Metal Devices (e.g modelling of Diffusion/Trapping, KMC, Co-deposition); session organiser K. Schmid (
The detailed programme

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